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We are in a TRUTH War!

Anyone who has been connected to the web, watched TV, read a paper, listened to radio or had a conversation with a co-worker on the political issues of our day, has been engaged in a TRUTH WAR! Its battle fronts are FAITH, FINANCE, IDEOLOGY, CLASS WARFARE, and FREEDOM! How did we fall so far, so fast!

The critical question is why TRUTH? Did you ever hear the phrase “the truth will set you free?” Why would truth do that? Why is it so important? Truth is the foundation of EVERYTHING! It is the universal baseline for determining what is and what is not REAL! It is the stake in the ground, the anchor, the FOUNDATION upon which the rule of law, the culture of society, the FREE enterprise of commerce and the values of a people are based. THAT is why it is so important to protect truth, to cherish it and to demand it of those who govern us! But! Don’t miss this. It all starts with US! We must be honorable people to understand and value the importance of having TRUTH as a fundamental PRINCIPLE of our society. LIVE IT! Demand it of others!

Why would people want to weaken the concept of truth? POWER! Truth limits power. Unfortunately, we have seen this play out for over a year now.

CASE IN POINT: General Motors. If you own 61% of a company’s stock, if you fire its Chairman, if you choose which dealers stay and which go in a restructuring, THEN YOU OWN IT! The US Government OWNS GM. They say they don’t – That’s a lie! By Nationalizing healthcare COST WILL GO DOWN – lie! “Those making less than $250,000/yr will not see their taxes go up. Not one dime.” That is a lie too.

Never in my life have I seen such BLATANT lies as I have witnessed in the current political discourse in our country – ON BOTH SIDES! The reason (I believe) is that we (THE PEOPLE) have not held to the standard. Truth is often INCONVIENT! However, it is always NECESSARY in our system of government. We simply give government too much power over our lives to allow them to lie to us! Ask yourself this: Do you TRUST your government? Be honest, do you? If you answered YES, then you are either a person who has accomplished nothing in your life and totally rely on government to take care of you (visualize a sloth) OR you are ignorant of the basics of civics and the operation of civilized society. However, don’t feel too bad you have lots of company!

We hear a lot today about “FUNDAMNTAL RIGHTS” as in, “ we have a fundamental right to healthcare.” Really? Then where does it come from? Not from the Constitution! It says we have the RIGHT to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Sorry, no health there. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, says nothing about the Government giving you anything other than protecting your rights to pursue LIFE, LIBERTY and HAPPINESS! In fact, it spends great effort to describe what Government CANNOT do to you. Because the founders knew (first hand) the DANGERS of big Government. As a result of their diligence and foresight, Government CANNOT impose on you the REQUIREMENT to purchase healthcare insurance. It also cannot restrict the Rights of people to scream like hell in protest when Government over reaches and infringes on the rights of CITIZENS. Watch for this to be adjudicated in the Supreme Court! We are living in HISTORIC times!

Ask yourself this: When I ask government to take care of me and I have done nothing to pay for that help, WHY do I DESERVE it? Likewise, why does someone you works hard and takes risks to earn a living OWE anything to people who choose not to work! The Bible says if you do not work, you shall not eat! If you are feeling a bit inquisitive at my words, look up the term “SOCIAL JUSTICE.” This is a common principle of COMMUNISM! It is VERY social, but has nothing to do with justice! Just another LIE from Government. Stealing from the “rich” to give to the “poor” guarantees that the poor will stay poor and demand MORE for doing LESS. That is the lesson of WELFARE.

One of the reasons we have such degraded VALUES in America today is the fact that values are grounded in truth. Diminish truth, you erode values.

Remember (this it is IMPORTANT.) We are in a TRUTH WAR! As Americans we must DEMAND truth! EVIDENCE of FACT rather than words of SPIN!



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