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ALERT! CAP&TRADE + Copenhagen Treaty = Disaster!


As I watch the transformation of America I am shocked and amazed! It’s like a “fever dream” when I was a kid. In the dream, something bad is happening to you and you feel paralyzed to stop it! We aren’t paralyzed but the massive plot that is playing out to CHANGE America, certainly feels that way. By now, I expect that most Americans have figured out that Obama is a pawn in a sinister plot to “diminish” or “bring down” our country! The transfer of wealth he espouses extends from America to the third world!

Beyond the open embracing of Communist, Marxist and Eco-terrorist by the Whitehouse, this President is now taking aim at our VERY sovereignty! He is literally trying to bring down America! How could that be, you ask? It sounds “alarmist” even snacks of a “Conspiracy!” I agree, it seems surreal. But it is happening as we speak! The CAP & TRADE legislation that got such scrutiny earlier this year when Nancy Pelosi rammed it through the House (without letting anyone read it,) is back on the agenda! It’s all about Global Warming, except that the globe isn’t warming – it’s COOLING! So now it’s about CLIMATE CHANGE! No, it’s about power! Specifically, it’s about TRANSFER OF POWER! It’s also about moving to a NEW WORLD ORDER and a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! But you won’t hear that from the media! That’s too REAL! Well, it is happening and the Administration is using the Healthcare debate to shield it from too much scrutiny! In December there will be a UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Obama, Gore and the other usual suspects will be there. Their objective will be to sign on to a treaty that will rob America! It will require that America pay reparations to the third world countries for our excess use of carbon fuels in years past! YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! And, according to Lord Monckton from England, a REAL climate expert that ALSO received a Nobel prize for his work on climate (in his case it was real science,) this could be the early maneuvering toward a One World Government. It’s role will be to “oversee” and “enforce” this agreement! So, call your Congressmen and tell them that you know what is happening and WHY! For more on this click on the link below and have a listen!

At least one Congressman gets it, when it comes to Copenhagen:




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