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Patriots and Politicians

Today I was comforted to learn that three Somali Pirates, holding a US merchant Captain, were taken out by Navy Seal sharpshooters. This honorable Captain, who put the welfare of his crew before his own safety is now free to come home to his family! My only question is “what took so long?” I can hear those Marine and Navel Officer now, saying “what’s taking so long? Does someone have to die before we get the go ahead to protect an American citizen?” Still, it’s something all Americans should be proud of – our military (the world’s finest) at work! Then we learn that the Pirates are really upset that we used deadly force to stop the impending murder of the US Captain! Guess what? They plan reprisals. These are Pirates for whom extortion is a business. Most nations pay their ransom thus guaranteeing that the activity will continue. I bet the French are mad at us too! I have seen a similar practice used in granting access to do business in many European and Middle Eastern countries for decades. It’s called payoffs or bribes and make no mistake, if you didn’t go along, you didn’t do business. Most of these countries were either Socialist or governed by a dictatorial regime. Most countries don’t complain too much, because they understand the game! Make no mistake America. If we don’t STRONGLY reject this activity, then by default we’re accepting it – and guaranteeing that it will continue. I’m sure Somalia will request that the United Nations strongly condemn US actions, and they might!

As I look at what is happening in America today, I get an uneasy feeling about the similarity between what’s happening in Africa to what is happening in America. Of course I’m not talking about piracy. However, there is a strange dictatorial trend coming from our new administration. Specifically, they want authority without oversight. They won’t even give the Senate Oversight Committee on Banking, the names of Banks that sought funding from the Fed – or even the ones that did not. Now they won’t let banks return the TARP money! They have threatened them with extensive audits if they do. Why? Because they want “control” of banking. That is the second time in just two months, that I have heard the Government threaten to use the IRS/FDIC for punitive purposes to achieve its goals. This kind of governmental coercion is scary stuff! Just like the “left” changed the term Global Warming to Climate Change, they are looking for another term for NATIONALIZATION! They know that’s not a winner for them – but that is exactly what they want to do! The same with gun control. You can bet they have hundreds working overtime to find a way to further their “progressive” anti-gun agenda in some stealth way.

As tax day approaches, I’m hearing more and more people wondering aloud how the government can continue to spend money! CNBC tells us that our treasuries are in less demand and deficits according to the Administration’s recent budget are projected to reach $21 Trillion (ten year projection.) And, no one can find where the stimulus money went. Where are the jobs?  Have you ever heard anyone, on any channel point to any of those “Shovel Ready” infrastructure projects the stimulus was supposed to fund to jump start the economy and provide “ready” jobs? AND, make no mistake about it, JOBS are the issue. In a consumer based economy, “IT’S JOBS STUPID!” Infrastructure stimulus was less that 10% of the stimulus anyway – amazing! Amazing what you can get away with, if you can have a Congress that will vote for a Bill without reading it! You can’t make this stuff up!



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