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Remember what Hillary said about the 3:00 AM call?

During the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton asked, “who do you want in the White House, when that 3:00AM crisis call comes in?” Of course no one really thought we’d have a President that actually spent so little time in the White House or knew so little about leadership for that matter.

There is no doubt, that one of those calls came in last night. The leader of a rogue nation (N.KOREA) with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons died last night and it is uncertain if his heir apparent son, or the military leadership will replace him. What is certain, is that this is a delicate international matter that requires leadership, sound judgement and attentiveness from our Commander-in-Chief. There looms the possibility that nuclear weapons could be stolen or sold, for personal gain. The missile “test” this morning was a provocation that tells us something is going on.

Have we heard from our Commander-in-Chief? No! He is on the campaign trail, otherwise known as “Obama’s number one priority!” Payroll tax extension? International crisis? Or campaign stop? Judgement is critical in a President. November 2012 can’t come soon enough.



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Will Victory Become Defeat?

As we look back on the last almost nine years of warfare in Iraq we find, like all wars of modern times, it was both purposeful and painful. War should always be the choice of last resort. There is a risk to that, such as seeing Iran pursuing nuclear weapons. Never the less, it always has been and should be, a part of America’s worldview. The threat to America that took us to war, was defined as “A Clear and Present Danger.” That is a term that means America and its interest are at significant and immediate danger requiring action to counter it. America goes to war when its interest are faced with a clear and present danger. The suggested threat was never proven nor, for that matter, disproven. Was there a WMD threat? We may never know. The threat however, was more than WMDs. It was the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. That has surely been proven. The strategy behind invading Iraq, was to create a democracy in the midst of the arcane theocracies of the middle-east. It was theorized that, if democracy could be seeded in the region, the result would be a safer, more democratic and stable world. Now it looks like that vision for the middle east is very much in jeopardy. Iraq seems to many in the know to simply not be mature enough to go it on its own. And Iran appears poised to ensure it doesn’t.

Probably the most prescient image of the future for me is an Iraq where the loss of lives (4500) and our $800 billion investment have bought us nothing: no democratic state, no moderate Arab nation, no counter-balance to Iran, Syria and the pirates of Somalia. It is an outcome where Iraq is indistinguishable from its Shiite neighbor, Iran. Unlike the Second World War with the Marshal Plan in Europe and the reconstruction and democratization of Japan, we are looking at the potential of a zero return on our investment. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Historians will debate the intent, strategy, execution and results for decades. As with all post-mortem strategic review, they will start with outcomes and work back. The outcome in Iraq has not yet be written; however, the actions of the last two years may have destined an outcome that is neither democratic nor moderate, and certainly not “pro-western.” As improbable as it should be, the outcome in Iraq may well be the same as Vietnam — and amazingly for the same reasons: politics and the will to stay the course. What a tragic outcome for Iraq and even more so for America.



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Budget Cut Ideas

This is another example of just how STUPID we all are for allowing our Government officials to pander to us about “how hard it is to cut money from the Federal budget.” In case you have been living under a rock for the last year, here are a few points that every American must understand about our government and its operating budget:

1. The bureaucrats in Washington passed a law that increases the Federal budget EVERY YEAR by 8%, even if Congress does not pass a single bill! If they do nothing, their budget (the entire federal budget) goes up by 8%!

2. Your Congressmen and Senators voted themselves automatic raises annually to take effect without a vote! They did this so they won’t have to be on record voting themselves a raise as their constituents lose their jobs, their homes, their 401k’s etc.

3. Your Senators and Congressmen don’t even read the bills they vote on. We saw that first hand on the Obamacare abomination! However, the real problem is that “we the people” have allowed Washington to build a huge Political Class of bureaucrats (staff and lobbyist) on the payroll of these elected officials that literally run our government. And, we don’t know who they are! They make huge salaries and they legislate in the shadows. Do you think that they are interested in cutting the Federal budget? Give that a second to sink in.

Concerning the failed “Super Committee” (who makes up these names?):

These politicians were handpicked … to FAIL! They represented the hardline of the left and right on the political scale. Did we really think John Kerry was interested in, much less capable of, bi-partisan problem solving? Of course not. This was a “kick the ball down the road” moment. It was also an opportunity for the left to radically gut our military. As long as we act like idiots America, the political class will treat us like idiots!

Here is a humorous example of how ridiculously simple reducing the debt can be AND, it doesn’t even address just stopping the 8% cost escalator!




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Ft. Hood Terrorist was Advisor to Obama Administration!

image001  Maj. Hassan

What a day we had today. Actually, it’s been a pretty incredible week and I don’t mean in a good way. But today we have been given a glimpse into the New World Order and it’s pretty scary.

Today we saw our Commander In Chief, treat one of the worst cases of homeland terrorism since 9/11, like nothing more than a drive by shooting. The care with which he ultimately addressed the matter was appalling! His primary concern was clearly focused on political correctness. He warned us that we should not “jump to conclusions!” I wonder why he said that? He said that there was much we did not know! However, there is much he did know that he failed to tell us! Things that were RELEVENT! Things like the fact that the shooter was an Officer with a problem rating from his superior officer. Things like he was a Muslim. Not JUST a Muslim, but a man that called for the beheading of “infidels,” who called for suicide bombers in the US, who correlated servicemen and women who died protecting their fellow soldiers with suicide bombers that kill women and children. Things like the fact that this man was screaming “Allah Akbar” (god is great) as he was murdering innocent servicemen preparing to deploy to the middle east. Things like the fact that he sold all of his belongings shortly before the massacre! Thirteen dead, more than thirty wounded! But Obama NEVER called it terrorism!

Someone must question how Major Hassan was allowed to continue in his job, or stay in the service, when senior officers knew of his beliefs. Several officers outside his chain of command, upon hearing him speak, did say that this man should be dealt with before he hurt someone. How politically incorrect of them! However nothing stirs my indignation more than the fact that this fraud (Obama), playing soldier, was more interested in protecting the good name of Islam than getting to the truth of how this all went so wrong!

Did you know that Major Hassan was an ADVISOR to the Obama Administration? No? Neither did I until my wife found information on line and followed the evidence to the source documents! They are linked below, so you can see for yourself. Major Hassan was an advisor to Obama’s Department of Home Land Security! He was part of the TASK FORCE that advised on the selection of TWO Muslims appointed to high level security posts. Can you believe that? BELIEVE IT! It is true! That’s right, this radical Muslim helped to select the people that were put into positions of authority at Homeland Security to further Obama’s pro-Muslim agenda! I bet you didn’t hear anything about that on the news did you? Aren’t we getting a little tired of NOT hearing the “news” from the Media outlets until it is no longer news? Aren’t we getting a little tired of seeing our country maligned, marginalized and betrayed? You simply can’t make this stuff up!

Whatever your positions have been on political issues does not matter! The evidence of the danger rising against our country is breathtaking! It is time for ALL AMERICAN’S to QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS and DEMAND answers! The generations who died for our freedom and those yet to be born are crying out to each one of us to stand and be counted! To hold accountable those who would bargain away our national treasure, allow our servicemen and women to die in the field of battle because of incompetence in the Oval office, people whose true allegiances are to powers outside our national borders!

Obama put card carrying Marxist in the Whitehouse, called them Czars and let them write bills that our lame Congress wouldn’t even read. Now we see a President refusing to support his battlefield Commander’s request for reinforcements! That is unbelievable unless you knew the history of Barak Obama. It’s like voting “present” in the Illinois statehouse over 100 times! It’s like saying the missile shield in Poland was safe (on national TV) then removing it because some foreign interest said it had to be so! It’s like promising TRANSPARENCY then having the most secretive Administration in history. Where are the Bills he promised would be posted on CSPAN or the internet? He claimed he’d have no LOBBYST in HIS Whitehouse, then appointed them to high posts! Look at the FACTS! Someday this will be an Academy Award Winning Movie. I think it will be a Comedy. I hope it won’t be a TRADEGY!

Ask yourself this question:

Would it matter to you, to your family, or to your country if these things are true? WOULD IT MATTER? That should answer a lot of questions for you.


Below is the research to support this! If you follow it, you will validate that this is true!

I received this email today from a friend, but needed to find the sources for any documentation showing that Hassan was actually a part of the Dept. of Homeland Security task force. I have included a link regarding “apologetics” that always follow from the Progressives.

Since the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood, Texas on Thursday, Nov. 5, FOX News has discovered and reported that the U.S. Army Major Dr. Nidal Malik Hassan (American Army Officer of Muslim descent) who slaughtered over a dozen US ARMY soldiers and seriously wounded 40 US ARMY soldiers was an ADVISOR to the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION concerning Muslim appointments to HOMELAND SECURITY.



http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=115230 f

I am also including a link to an NPR report supposedly “debunking” this controversy, however what I find most commanding is the point that they admit he was part of this task force. http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/

What Americans are asking is: “Did U.S. Army Maj. Nadal Malik Hassan advise on the appointments of Kareem Shora and Arif Alikhan to the two high level Dept of Homeland Security posts?” We have documentation that he was one of the participants, especially when reading this in light of his recent “POOR PERFORMANCE” evaluations by his superiors in the Army.

ALL OTHER NEWS OUTLETS IN THIS COUNTRY, NBC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC,PBS etc. HAVE IGNORED THIS INFORMATION EVEN THOUGH IT WAS WIDELY KNOWN TO ALL WHO KNEW MAJ. HASSAN. He was known to rant against this country’s War on Terror – even posting his opinions on the internet.

This useless liberal media have chosen to report that Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan was a VICTIM of the military he served…he was a victim of “post-traumatic stress syndrome” …WHAT?…and should evoke our sympathy. They have chosen to ignore key FACTS about this devout Muslim’s past as an excuse to criticize our military.


THIS insane and deadly “POLITICALLY CORRECT” CULTURE has invaded our MILITARY.

Now as you read this OLD news of late August 2009 that was not reported anywhere, do intelligent people begin to wonder: WHAT IS THE AGENDA OF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WITH THESE APPOINTMENTS ???

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