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As we move forward into what I call the “YEAR OF THE DANCE,” referring to the year of a Presidential Election, I am seeing and hearing the same old BAD HABITS surrounding the political debate. Specifically, people are repeating talking points that most of them don’t even understand. AND, many have no idea of the validity of what they are “parroting.” A CLASSIC is, “IT IS ALL THE RICH PEOPLE’S FAULT!” What is their fault? How do you know it, if you don’t understand what it means? Why would you say it? Because that’s what people do! They are stooges. The only remedy is to call them on it! Seriously, many have been had by the politicos and their “spin machines.”

CASE #1:

Let’s look at the “Rich people’s fault” statement:

1. Is that statement EVER linked to facts? Almost never (because there are few facts there!) The “RICH” pay a lot of tax! Top 1% PAYS 40% of all taxes. Top 5% pays 60%. The bottom 50% of American’s PAY ALMOST NOTHING! Where is the FAIRNESS?

2. Please name the top ten JOB CREATORS that are poor people? OK, give me one?

3. That means this statement is inherently POLITICAL probably without a basis in fact. Liberal Progressives INTENTIONALLY confuse INCOME TAX RATES with CAPITAL GAINS TAX RATES! One has a lower rate because it funds the CREATION OF JOBS! Can you guess which one it is? So, will increasing these taxes help or hurt job creation? THINK!

4. Why is this a Leftwing talking point? Because America wants answers to the question of “what’s wrong with the economy?” Most American’s are not rich, so this strategy focuses the problem on SOMEONE else. The OTHER answer is that the DEMOCRAT’S have squandered the stimulus and NOT STIMULATED the economy? Their solution is to remove the word stimulus from the lexicon. That answer is NOT going to get them reelected! They don’t have a FACT BASED answer. NOW THEY WANT MORE “STIMULUS!” AND SAY YOU SHOULD EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT! (the very definition of insanity!)

5. What is the EVIDENCE that this strategy is BOGUS? REMEMBER THE LUXURY TAX? It was the brainchild of that economic genius JIMMY CARTER! The previous “Worst President in History.” The tax was imposed, rich people stopped buying luxury items and the JOBS of the people who made them WENT AWAY! The TAX was repealed, THE JOBS CAME BACK! Taxing the rich, creating unnecessary regulations, or mandates like Obamacare CREATES ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY. That has ALWAYS resulted in reduced INVESTMENT aka NO JOB CREATION!

6. What happens if we take away RICH PEOPLE? Well, since almost 50% of American’s pay no Federal income tax, where will government get its funding? That would be YOU!

7. If we make it difficult for Businesses (owned by “rich people”) through higher taxes and oppressive regulations, AND UNCERTAINTY, what might they do?

a. Move operations to another country with lower tax rate, (that’s most countries!)

b. Stop spending, expanding, aka creating jobs!

c. Live out their lives comfortably.

8. At a time when Americans need to come together, Obama is playing the CLASS WARFARE card because that is all he has left!

CASE #2:

The Obama “Jobs” bill:

1. Obama has almost NO EXPECTATION that this bill will pass. IN FACT, it was designed with that in mind! (DESIGNED TO FAIL!)

2. The launch of this “BILL” was a campaign speech to the far left. “TAX THE RICH,” Give MORE Stimulus to GOVERNMENT! (Govt. handouts are NOT stimulus.)

3. He wants SOMETHING TO BLAME ON THE REPUBLICANS! It doesn’t matter that it is ALL wrong for the economy, or that it was tried and failed last year!

4. Every day, the EPA and others are writing REGULATIONS that strangle business and JOB GROWTH. Just look at what they have done to Coal fired electrical plants! Regulating dust and noise on FARMS!

5. “SCHOOLS”, “SCHOOLS”, “SCHOOLS” AKA let’s give the Teachers UNION a shout out! Does ANYONE think this is about SCHOOLS? NO! “it’s about JOBS STUPID!”

6. Most of the Obama cost “cutting” isn’t cutting at all. It’s things like returning the troops from the middle east which is already in the budget calculus!

7. Cut the Government’s 8% annual AUTOMATIC BUDGET INCREASE! THAT will stimulate job growth!

8. MOST IMPORTANTLY! This is an ASSAULT ON JOB CREATORS! Not smart, but VERY Obama-esk! A TAX on those who CREATE JOBS! THINK about that!

9. Obama is trying anything to minimize the “COST CUTTING” he’ll have to do. He’ll also sacrifice any free market company or person to protect any Government union job. He truly seems to not understand where government funding comes from!

10. Here’s his focus: Environmentalist, Unions, Globalist (New World Order), people on the public dole, and every “fringe” group in America (aka The Democrat Party.)

11. This may come down to answering this question: DO YOU WANT A JOB OR A HANDOUT!

CASE #3:

This week’s pending UN CRISIS over Palestinian Statehood:

1. This is a referendum on Obama’s lack of leadership and how he is viewed by the rest of the world. He is viewed as NAIVE and WEAK (they are right.)

2. Mahmoud Abbas is intentionally embarrassing the United States – because he can! Also, because he doesn’t expect Obama to do anything about it!

3. The Palestinians and anti-Semitic forces see America as weak!

4. This is as much an assault on America as it is on Israel. It is ALL a result of Obama’s naive treatment of Israel which has emboldened them!

5. We should immediately defund the Palestinian Authority and SUBSTANTIALLY reduce what we fund at the UN. THAT would send them a signal!

6. Weakness never stopped a war, improved human rights, or made a country respected.

Everyone needs to STOP, LISTEN and VALIDATE the facts! Then make up your mind. It’s time to be part of the SOLUTION!



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