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Are we prepared for future possibilities?

They call it “The New World Order.” They use terms like global governance, strategic realignment, and social justice. They speak of wealth as if it is public property. National sovereignty is a big problem for them. Nationalism and patriotism stands in the way of the progressive vision of the “New World.” There can be no super powers. Wealth will need to be redistributed for “balance” and “fairness.” Really? According to whom?

However, now we are in an election year. They have moderated the rhetoric. Gone silent on progressive vision. History tells us, that bad things happen when they are quiet.

I often wonder how it will come down. How they will spin it? What will be the catalyst? Will it be like 2008? Started by a banking crisis, or from civil unrest like what is happening in Greece. Remember what Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama’s first Chief of Staff said. “Never let a crisis go to waste. You can do things in a crisis that you could never do without it.” He was talking about how to use a crisis to change people’s lives, when they would never knowingly agree to it. That is where Obama’s idol, the 1960’s radical Saul Alinsky, a U.S. Communist party member, comes in. He wrote about organizing the masses. Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on him. Alinsky’s principles are laid out in his book “Rules for Radicals.” These communist tactics are being put to work around the globe today. It is what fueled the “Arab Spring,” the upheaval in Greece and OWS.

Consider this:

What if in the Boardrooms of DC, London, Abu Dhabi, Brussels, Tokyo,  Moscow, Beijing and Berlin, there was an event being discussed. One that could affect everything we call normal. A “game changer” or economic doomsday scenario so to speak. And what if it would have huge consequences for the lives of everyday Americans? Terrible consequences effecting global reallocation of wealth, inflation, currency collapse, attacks on our Constitution, our military, jobs, pensions and our national security. And, make no mistake, in this game there would be definite “winners and losers.”

Would this be public knowledge? Of course not. That would cause panic and social unrest. So lets assume those meetings are happening now! What would be the most important thing for Americans to know? I believe it would be that they were strongly represented. That they could trust their leadership, to look after their interest and well-being. Let me be clear.  I won’t entertain the communist concept of “social justice.” Our Constitution guarantees us Equal Justice for all. I have long ago stopped apologising for the past that I took no part in. We must understand that America has the most to lose and the least to gain in this game. We must have leaders (a President, Congress, Cabinet, Supreme Court,  Joint Chiefs) committed to putting America and Americans first.  I am concerned that we don’t have that today.

I think it is becoming clear, that the central bankers from the G-8 countries are in league with one another. With a commitment to “mutually assured economic destruction” in any future financial crisis, resulting in the need for a new “global” system. Free of national interest.  This is the world of the NEW WORLD ORDER. In essence, if one fails they all fail. That is mortgaging Americans future for foreign interest. For the first time in American history, I believe we have a President that is not a “nationalist.” He is a “globalist” which means he is likely to put global interest ahead of national interest.  How is that possible you ask? It is all about ideology. It is all about how that person views America. Does he/she see America as “exceptional” among world democracies or a country that has lost its way and is in need of an apologist?

Consider this:

  1. There is a question that arises when a sitting President constantly apologizes for his country. Why? His oath is to “protect and defend.”
  2. When a President explores reducing Americans nuclear arsenal to 300 from 5000+, in the face of China, Iran, N. Korea, Russia and others building their offensive weaponry, Americans should ask why? What is the motivation and WHO benefits?
  3. When a Koran, is used to pass secrets among terrorist prisoners is taken, then accidentally burned, murder of American service men is NOT justified. Further, a presidential apology or statement is not warranted. America has done plenty for Islam. Remorse is justified, an apology is not.
  4. We are still trying to “talk” to Iran as they pronounced a death sentence for a Christian Pastor in Iran because he converted from Islam (you remember, “the religion of peace”) when he was a teen. They will kill this father of two because he chose to follow Jesus. Obama thinks people like this can be reasoned with. What if they have the bomb?
  5. The drain of American dollars continues to flow out of our country. Obama has done nothing to reinforce to the Fed, that it’s AMERICA FIRST!
  6. Cap and Trade, was and is, ALL about sending money from America and the West, to the rest of the world. It is an abdication of a Presidents Oath of office. The same as failing to “protect and defend” the Constitution of the United States.

Have you ever heard “they never saw it coming?” It’s about complacency. Failing to see and understand the signs of what is to come. In America today all it takes is a little market rally, a 1/4 point drop in the unemployment rate (even if it is due to people leaving the workforce,) and people are quick to claim that the “good times are back.” These are the same people who “buy high and sell low.” Don’t be fooled.

I have one suggestion: Get informed. Ask questions, challenge what people present as truth. In essence seek True North, so to speak. Ask for Divine guidance, because when this crisis materializes, it’s going to be a BIG DEAL!



“Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them.”  A. Solzhenitsyn


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