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“Solyndra” Another Obama Failure!

As a follow up to my Post yesterday on Green Jobs, today we had an announcement of another MAJOR failure of the Obama Administrations GREEN INITIATIVE! This time the COST to American tax payers was $533 million! That’s right and now we learn that the Obama Administration fudged the rules and made special concessions for them to qualify for the loan! My old firm PricewaterhouseCoopers were the auditors and they issued WARNINGS of the companies poor financial condition BEFORE the Obama Administration made them the loan. There are videos all over the place of Obama saying that companies like Solyndra were “the future.” Solyndra is the third solar panel company to seek bankruptcy protection this month (last week Evergreen Solar failed.) Where is it located? CALIFORNIA! Schwarzenegger, Obama and Secretary of Energy Chu have all been there with cameras rolling. The truth is that Obama has NO IDEA what role the green industry will play in our future. Solyndra had a state of the art manufacturing facility with the most efficient technology. So, why did it fail? And, what role did President Bush have in its failure?


Every American should be mad as hell about this. This is exactly what is destroying our country and our future! 1,000 workers laid off and THE MONEY IS GONE! This President has had no accountability from ANYWHERE! It is time that that CHANGES! Accountability is change I can believe in. If you want AMERICA as we know it destroyed by incompetence and SOCIALIST ideology, then do nothing!

Obama is INCOMPETENT and ideologically wrong for America. With the WORLD in financial chaos, now is the time for America to regain its financial and industrial might. We can do it, but not with Obama blindly steering the ship! We need EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP to get this Ship of State afloat and JOBS back on the front burner. If you listen to his speech next week, ask yourself this question. Does Obama sound more like the 2008 DEMOCRAT candidate or a REPUBLICAN? It will be, like a Republican. Why? Because all his socialist solutions HAVE FAILED!



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Understanding the DYNAMIC!

By any estimation, there is a lot going on in Washington D.C. right now. If we were on a battlefield, we’d say the battle lines were “confused” and “ill-defined.” We might even say we had been “OVERRUN” and that there were ENEMY within our lines! Yep, that pretty much describes Washington right now. It’s similar to what is going on in our country, where half the people (THE WORKING HALF) are at odds with the other half (THOSE ON SOME FORM OF GOVERNMENT AID.) So let’s try to make some sense of it. After all why should the cable news pundits have the high ground in telling us what it all means.

First, this is only marginally about the DEBT CEILING! However, it has EVERYTHING to do with SPENDING! Will we run out of money on August 2nd? Of course not. August 2nd is simply one of many “lines in the sand.” It is much more symbolic, than literally the day we default. Remember the STUMULUS, the OMNIBUS BUDGET, TARP, and OBAMACARE. They all had to be done NOW or else. HOGWASH! This has become the early battlefront for the 2012 election. More interesting is the game of CHARADES that has materialized in BOTH parties. In his State of the Union address President Obama barely mentioned DEBT. In his quest for a budget this year, SPENDING CUTS WERE ABSENT! He wanted more, more, MORE! If you ever get to really look at the elements of the OBAMACARE BILL itself, you’d be amazed! There is embedded spending in there that has NOTHING to do with HEALTHCARE! But of course we know that Democrats SPEND, that’s what they do. They REDISTRIBUTE through Government programs. In essence, they bring back the PORK to the little piggies back home! So, when you hear this President and the Democratic Senate talking about their desire to cut spending, do you believe them? No! They are like the ROACH in the ORKIN commercial bring pizza to your front door. THEY’RE TRYING TO GET IN! They just read the latest Rasmussen poll that said that Americans (who work for a living) ARE MAD AS HELL! So, what people see and hear are:

· Democrats running scared because they are OUT OF THEIR CONFORT ZONE! Like union pipefitters dressed in Tutus at the corner of 42st and Broadway!

· “Blame Bush” is getting R E A L OLD! American’s are waking up to the FLAGRANT LACK OF LEADERSHIP by this lightweight president.

· NO budget or debt reduction plan from Obama, Reid, Pelosi or any of the other “usual suspects” like Barney Frank – he’s supposed to be a banking/finance guy!

· They just whine and point fingers at others (including each other.)

· Bureaucrats that are deathly afraid to LEAD! Why? Because they have not a clue as to how to appease their base AND work this problem! THAT IS PLAIN TRUTH! So they point fingers and use the old “misdirection play.”

Second, there is a WAR going on, on the RIGHT! The old guard is fighting to their last breath to hold on to the status quo! Truth be known, there is not much difference between them and the Democrats. They are both PROGRESSIVE and lack in honesty and COURAGE! Pushing the old guard to HOLD THE LINE are the TEA PARTY Freshmen! G-d bless them for taking the fight to the old guard and holding their ground. Lets recognize their courage and appreciation of the FACT that they each made a commitment to the American people who sent them to Washington. THEIR constituents said, TRUTH is truth, a commitment is a commitment. Be fearless and honorable and know that you will be assailed, EVEN FROM YOUR OWN PARTY! I listened to John McCain yesterday and wanted to throw up! This guy is ready for the Museum! And to think, as a fellow veteran and aviator I use to sing his praises. I was wrong! He is now just a “stumbly-wombly old has been.” Like an aging actress looking for a movie with low lights and no close-ups!

Just as the SOCIALIST left wing that has infiltrated the Obama Administration views THIS TIME IN HISTORY as their greatest chance to RADICALLY CHANGE America, The Old Guard Republicans see the TEA PARTY as waging a direct assault on their bureaucratic bumbling ways. NOTHING short of a wholesale swamp draining in Washington will change the status quo. SO WATCH for alliances between the OLD GUARD of the LEFT AND RIGHT! Pritchett and Pounds, two change management consultants wrote a book called High Impact Culture Change. In it they proffered that “change can never really happen, until you SHOCK the old status quo” long enough for something NEW to take hold. THINK ABOUT IT! That makes sense.

AMERICANS (I mean WE THE PEOPLE) have to stand up and speak up! We must support HONORABLE men and women who are COURAGEOUS and TENACIOUS! To do that we have to get involved – READ, research and dialogue with other PARTIOTS!

Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin when he emerged from the Constitutional Convention and a women passing by asked him, “Sir, what have you given us?” His reply was applicable to us today. He said: “A REPUBLIC MADAM, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!

So, what is happening in WASHINGTON is all about CHANGE! That should excite everyone. THIS TIME however, it is about GOING BACK to the principles of our CONSTITUTION and the WISDOM of our FOUNDERS!


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