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WHY Free Markets are key to FREEDOM!


The hypocrisy of the MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD, WOODSTOCK WONDERS, MUSICIANS and all the rest (including Occupy Wall Street “OWS”) comes down to the assertion that CAPITALISM is bad, or inferior! We should ask – to WHAT?

Capitalism has led to the greatest RISE in standard of living in history. It has led to the AGE OF INNOVATION! Incredible discoveries in MEDICINE, SCIENCE, ECONOMICS and SOCIOLOGY! Just look at the definition of POOR in Capitalist countries versus Communist/Socialist/Fascist societies. The poor in America have big screens, eat fast food, wear name brands and don’t pay taxes! They go to school, the doctor, and the grocery store FOR FREE! Yep, that is pretty bad!

Answer this: What is the central question of this clip (which is over 30 years old!)

If not free markets, what is better?

1. Is it COMMUNISM? (it murdered MILLIONS and impoverished it’s people! It ultimately imploded economically)

2. SOCIALISM? (it has ALWAYS failed, as resources are depleted over time!) This is classic HIGH expectation, LOW delivery model! Margret Thatcher said it best: “Socialism is great, until you run out of other people’s money!”

3. FASCISM? (With Hitler, you had to be among the Arian few, or you were worthless!) Great for the few ELITES, terrible for everyone else.

So WHY is this the case?

It is simple: It’s the PROFIT MOTIVE! Otherwise known as Return on Investment! It is a form of ECONOMIC CONSCIENCE! It makes you care about the VALUE delivered, even if you are not a values oriented person. If you don’t deliver value, you DIE economically (Current Administration excluded.)

Look at the evidence!:

1. “IF” costs are allowed to rise to where VALUE, compared to one’s competition is diminished, then economic peril awaits. Look at Detroit and the automotive industry, or clothing, TV’s or washers and dryers etc. Wages and Taxes spelled the doom of those industries. It came down to the fact that, PEOPLE WERE PAID MORE THAN THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF THEIR EFFORT!

2. “IF” your COSTS OF GOODS, by virtue of non-value added expenses (healthcare, vacations, perks etc.) is allowed to grow unchecked, then competitiveness is lost! ALSO, expectations and dependencies are not linked to REALITY. We’re seeing this in GREECE, PORTUGAL, ITALY and SPAIN. It is the fall of Socialism in our time! It may be our future as well! Either by subversion or incompetence, this administration is pushing America toward that end.

3. “IF” government is anti-business, then business will go elsewhere. It will expand to other countries. It will OUTSOURCE or leave altogether! America has the highest Corporate tax rate in the world! It’s REGULATIONS are more COSTLY AND INTRUSIVE than any other country! No wonder we are LOSING JOBS! Government SHOULD want companies to be profitable! IT results in MORE REVENUES to the government!

4. “IF” a country is not economically STRONG, it is TOTALLY WEAK! There are no STRONG powers who have WEAK economies! Therefore, ECONOMICS is KEY to SECURITY! Free markets are KEY to economic strength. Does anyone not see that America is weaker today? What has changed? Our military is STILL the best in the world. We just can’t afford it!

It is not hard to see the connection of FREE MARKET societies to strong values and care for the common good. The best example is the UNITED STATES! We are the most generous nation in the world. We have the strongest values and are the FIRST RESPONDERS to world crisis. NAME A COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST country that even comes close. You can’t!

This is why I believe we MUST have someone with TWO KEY ATTRIBUTES for our next President AND for all future Presidents!

They are:

1. Strong MORAL and ETHICAL personal standards! In my opinion, a “genuine” belief in G-d is REQUIRED to have that. And,

2. Documented and vetted EXECUTIVE experience commensurate with the position of PRESIDENT.

So be careful before you buy in to our Presidents spin! Freedom is not free and the KEY is economics!





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