From Bernie: Someone who knows!

The most telling comment in this short video is: “If we wanted to start (Company X) today, we couldn’t do it!” One of the greatest success stories in history and the co-founder said, “today we could not do it.” That is the most important point to take from this piece. The government has made it so difficult to start and grow businesses that IT ISN’T HAPPENING! That is why we have a jobs problem!

Watch this, think about it, and pass it on!



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Everyday Obama reveals a little more!

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October 16, 2012 · 12:31 am

A Case of: Contrasting Form and Substance!

Last night, in an ironic twist of fate, we were privy to an incredible contrast in leadership. One that really frames the choice we have as to who will lead this country. After a crushing defeat in the first Presidential debate in which President Obama looked distracted and aloof, we now experienced the other half of the Democrat ticket – Joe Biden. He was there to stop the free fall in the polls, to reassure the base and show that he was ready to be President of the United States. I think he helped his base. I guess “One out of three isn’t bad.”

The Contrast was amazing!

Joe Biden came out on the attack. He was dismissive, rude and disrespectful of Paul Ryan. Don’t miss the fact that, in politics, that is a strategy. He smirked, laughed and talked over Ryan for the entire debate. He threw out information quickly and unfortunately haphazardly. Much of what he said in response to Ryan’s challenges, was reported to be untruthful before the cameras even stopped rolling. For example, he claimed that Ryan voted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and that he (Biden) did not. That was blatantly untrue. Biden voted for the bills to use force in both cases. He said the Obama Administration knew nothing about the attacks in Libya being a “terrorist” attack. He blamed their comments on bad information. Their own State Department, letters, emails and phone messages was proof that this was false. They knew within 20 hours. He also said they had not received request for more security in Benghazi. The hearing in Congress made it clear that both of these comments were untrue. The fact that he made these obvious lies brings into question his mental faculties. Yes, he threw out data quickly, challenged every response and claimed to be the quintessential expert. The problem with Joe Biden is that you never know if you can believe him. Case in point: After Biden had looked at the camera and told people you can’t trust Romney/Ryan, Paul Ryan’s response was “Joe, you of all people should know that sometimes words don’t come out of your mouth the right way.” In classic style, Biden pounced on the comment and said: “Yeah, but I always mean what I say.” Really? So when he told black voters that Republicans wanted to “put you back in chains” – her meant what he said? Or when he said that over the last four years the middle class has been crushed” (under Obama/Biden) he meant what he said? Biden is not a serious man. He is a huckster and snake oil salesman (an old-time politician!)

Paul Ryan is one of those people about which you often hear said, “why won’t someone like that run for office?” He is smart, respectful, honest and direct. He is a problem “identifier” as well as a problem solver. The kind of person that most in Washington hate because he “outs” them! Yes he did run for office and was reelected for seven terms. He is a serious man on a mission to save America from itself. From both the “Me first” and the “Me too” crowds. He is what is called “Minnesota Nice” even though he is from Wisconsin. That means he is respectful and not an “in your face” bully. He is that way because he can backup what he says. This is the kind of man I want in our administration when there is a crisis to be dealt with. And if he is wrong, we will know it from him. That too is refreshing. Ryan’s current focus is on the national debt crisis. And, make no mistake, it is a crisis. A sixteen TRILLION deficit is bad enough. However, the real problem is that this Administration is continuing to spend uncontrollably while knowing that this debt will kill our economy and our children’s future. That is something the women voters that I know do care about!

You have a choice America, choose wisely!


Considering what the Fact

Checkers would say tomorrow,

Biden seemed to ask for Divine


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The Second Debate!

Since the Obama disaster that was the first Presidential Debate, I have been thinking about and “processing” what I saw and heard from the President. I have also considered the “stimuli” of the moment which included: the setting, the debate structure, the opponent, and the reality of current events. I also realize that this narcissistic myth of a man actually believes his own press (that he is “The One!”) I must confess that I was as shocked as were most Americans at his performance. I think I now understand it. I knew Romney would exceed expectations because I never bought any of the media lies and hype. I actually negotiated with Mitt Romney for an Olympic media package for the Salt Lake Olympics. I found him to be smart, articulate, a good listener and most importantly an honest broker in discussions. As time has moved on since the debate, I have said to people, that I do not believe that the second and third debates will be much better for Obama.

Here’s why:

Obama was elected as our “first black president.” That was the most vivid and distinctive aspect of his election. He was to be “Post-Racial” and collaborative. Even transparent! However, a more thoughtful perspective would yield that he was instead, the most inexperienced and untested person ever to reach the office. And, there were plenty of red flags to raise people’s attention. In fact: He was a man without leadership experience, without an executive decision-making track record. He was a State and Federal Senator without Legislative accomplishment and a college professor without ever having been published! These deficiencies are amazing! Do you realize that when combined, these omissions are almost impossible to coexist in an individual elected President? It is less likely than lightning striking the same truck, at the same place on the same road three times, each on November 7th at 4:55pm — three years apart!

It is because of this incredible lack of competency (I believe) that he has such a lack of character and an inability to value TRUTH! In essence, his lack of competence, drives him to reframe his version of the truth to mesh with “his reality.” Have you ever heard him admit a mistake? Even with the media as his lap dog, it is getting harder for him pontificate, because:

1. Facts are checked more rapidly than any time in history (this is an impediment to lying)

2. Media is global and “real-time” which drastically reduces the time between false statements and validation on issues like Ben Ghazi!

3. The IMPACT of oratory style pales with the speed with which what one says can be corrected and discredited. And finally,

4. People’s lives have to validate that, on the whole, policies applied have caused things to move in the right direction. That is why the Right Track/Wrong Track surveys are so telling.

The next debate will be a forum change – it won’t matter. Obama will get the planted softball questions from the audience and the friendly moderator will allow him to frame his response, even if it doesn’t answer the question. Still, Romney will be there to correct his misstatements. He will ask questions that will REQUIRE Obama to THINK and RESPOND without prep and/or teleprompter! The Forum won’t substantially matter. Watch for how Obama reacts to Romney’s challenges to his responses!

For sure, ideological acolytes will pay little attention to the realities of truthfulness. Unfortunately, that is true for both parties. However, the “center” in America will make the difference in this election even more than in past elections. For them, TRUTH, when it is credibly delivered, matters! That is why Obama will continue to do poorly when contrasted with a living breathing alternative candidate at the podium across the room. Truth is simply not on his side!


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Obama: Islam’s Prophet Trumps Your Free Speech!

Absurdity is a mainstay at the United Nations. Most people know that. What comes first to mind, are Ahmadinejad’s rants about the evils of the “Great Satan” America and the “Little Satan” Israel. Or Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s claim that he smelled “brimstone” on the podium after following President George Bush’s UN presentation. Of course there was the announcement that Libya under Gadhafi’s rein was selected to chair the Human Rights Counsel for the world body. I guess absurdity isn’t a strong enough word. But then I digress. This past week, at whatever we call the intellectual fantasy land that resides at 760 United Nations Plaza, a new fantasy purveyor paid a visit. His name: Barak Husain Obama (aka Barry Soetoro.)

A little context here is called for:

Obama was to address the UN General Assembly just two weeks after 9/11 terrorist attacks on American sovereignty in Egypt and Libya. There had been a warning three days prior to the attacks that has gone unheeded. There were no Marines, no Americans assigned as a security detail for a United States Ambassador (amazing.) Chris Stevens, our US Ambassador and three others who left a safe house to render aid during the attack, were killed. Our Ambassador was drug through the streets by a released Guantanamo Terrorist no less. Our Embassy facility in Benghazi Libya was unguarded even though there had been warnings of Al Qaeda activity and two attacks/incidents in the area in the preceding months (did I mention it was 9-11!) So Obama now had an opportunity to focus his comments on this blatant attack on American sovereign territory – right? Not exactly. You see, Obama and his cadre of “liars, tramps and thieves” were in FULL damage control mode. Ambassador Stevens was no longer the issue. There was an election to contend. His logic was like that great line delivered so eloquently by Mel Brooks in his movie Blazing Saddles: “Gentlemen we have to save our phony baloney jobs!” Obama knew he had to make this about something other than his Administration’s liberal ideology and gross incompetency.

Obama, in the wake of his epic blunder in Benghazi, would surely focus on the dangers to the free world of this kind of Radical Islamic Terrorism (oversees contingency operation.) While he mentioned that the misguided people who did this would undoubtedly face Eric Holder’s justice, he had a more important message. He wanted to talk about a little known comical video trailer that showed the ridiculous and radical nature of Islam. He called it “a crude and disgusting video.” He proffered that this video was the reason for the attack and that is was a spontaneous act by disgruntled Libyans not a planned terrorist attack. This was a blatant lie! He had Susan Rice his UN Ambassador go on all the Sunday talk shows to “spin” the story. The man has no shame. But of course not. Most narcissist do not. This was classic Obama, aka watch “what he does not what he says.” How can he be “Mr. Foreign Policy,” if he is so detached that he puts, not offending Muslims, before having a Marine detachment on the ground in (a known Al Qaeda hot bed) just to protect an Ambassador?

As for the video, I saw it last week in Venice. The presenter was an Egyptian immigrant. He showed the video and referenced every assertion in it with actual statements in the Quran. “Crude”? Yes in its production quality and its portrayal of the beliefs of Islam, but NOT in misrepresentation. But who cares anyway? This was a ruse. So Obama decided to lecture on free speech – right? In a manner of speaking:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet Islam!”

Are you kidding me? Didn’t our president take an oath of office that pledged to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States? Do we have a First Amendment that guarantees free speech? Is he breaking (again) his oath of office? What are the implications of his comments and does he have more Executive Orders in mind to again assault our freedoms? Remember, last week Muhammad Morsi the new President of Egypt and member of the Muslim Brotherhood told Hillary Clinton that America must stop those who would slander the prophet. As I write this, there is a proposal in the UN to prohibit free speech! This is something you need to understand and watch for, because you will NOT hear it from the biased media – journalism is deceased in America!

Surely Americans free speech, enshrined in the Constitution by the founding fathers is safe right? Maybe. Have you ever heard the term: “A Clear and Present Danger?” No, I am not talking about the movie. In 1798, Congress passed the Sedition Act. John Adams was the President and America faced a pending war with Spain. Congress felt that the French in America would undermine the war effort. So a law was passed that created a TEST to determine when (not if) the US Government could abrogate (suspend) free speech! Virginia threatened to secede because of this. It was never actually argued before the Supreme Court, it simply “expired” in 1801. However, now you know that our government has tried it before.

Remember the one thing that you can always depend on radicals to do. That is to act radically to attain their goals. We have radicals in our government today. Patriots and freedom loving Americans need to wake up and DETERMINE THIS FOR THEMSELVES! I want people to prove this to themselves. THEN, they will be as mad as I am!


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Economic indicators, statistical analysis, records while in office, aka FACTS! People don’t dig for the facts anymore. They believe what they hear on TV. They care more about how a person speaks than how he governs. Facts are a form of truth. The charts below show some facts you will not hear or see in the media. We have this thing called “MEDIA BIAS.” They don’t want you “informed” they want you “conformed” to their way of thinking. Look at these charts and you will see why Obama is throwing mud at Romney and Ryan instead of touting his accomplishments in his campaign ads.

Today I learned that the mainstream media is limiting their coverage of the Republican convention in Tampa. WHY, you may ask? Because they are afraid that these FACTS will be a wakeup call to the American people! They might even talk about Obama reversing the policy requiring work for welfare. They might even talk about the national debt approaching $16 TRILLION and fiscal CLIFF our nation is approaching. No, they want you to sit and watch Happy Days!


NOV. 6 is the MOST important DATE of our GENERATION….

Matters little to me whether you’re a registered ‘R’, ‘I’, ‘D’ or whatever, these figures tell quite a story and challenge any of us to think beyond partisan politics…most interesting.

You decide – 4 more years????

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ALERT: EVERYONE must watch this!!

This is not a joke! This is not a political statement! This is a VERY important (short) video that frames the #1 problem America faces. It does it better than anything I have seen. It is important that EVERY American see and get this message.

The first step in solving any problem is to accurately and concisely describe it! To solve it, you must first understand it! Please watch this carefully and then think about what it means to you and your family.


Why Congress Does Not Pass a Budget

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