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I am an American, native born and raised. My birth certificate is available without subpoena. I have had a rather interesting life, one blessed with opportunity, great friends, interesting family and many professional challenges! I grew up in the old south. Football, Saturday night, fishing in Lake Lanier — that was what was important at the time.

I count myself as a Patriot, a reliable friend, a seeker of  TRUTH and a citizen of heaven. I believe that the Founding Fathers of this great Nation had it right! The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights are the “guiding principles” the Founders left us to govern by! Guiding Principles represent timeless wisdom, of such importance, they must be protected from “the whims of men’s fancy.”

My worldview has been shaped by experience. I know first hand, what it means to serve your country, to have peoples live rest on your decisions. In Viet Nam, I flew electronic surveillance missions for the Army Security Agency a part of the NSA. During my service, I served as a mission pilot and test pilot. In my post-military career I was fortunate to work for some of our countries greatest organizations including Rockwell International, Ingersoll Rand and the Firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers. My areas of specialization were Process Management, Marketing, Communications. I retired from PwC as a partner. My interest include flying, sailing, fishing, Motorcycling, investing, travelling and now I guess I’ll have to add blogging to the list.

Thankyou for checking out the site. I make you this promise. I will endeavor to post only facts and my opinions about them. You can expect candor and if I am shown to be wrong, expect a fast and humbled retraction.


I will sign my blog post with Maranatha! That should be important to you! This was a term that first century Christians used with one another. It simply means “our L-ord lives!” or “Our L-rd comes!” It is a powerful covenant on those who use it.  An awesome responsibility to get it right!



12 responses to “About Author

  1. Ann West

    Hey Brother,

    I finally found a minute to get an account and look you up. I am very proud
    of this production. Keep up the good work… Much Love, Sis

  2. Steve Clavette

    Nice house as a backdrop in the Harley pic.

  3. Kevin

    Nice scooter Lee. Wish we lived closer so we could do some riding together.

    • Kev, I put just under 2,000 mi on it the month I got it. The new Road King frame provides an amazing ride. I’m riding w/ a local group, all over central Florida. Found that it was a different world — but nice. Hopefully, we’ll get you guys back down here for a ride! I’m praying for good news from the Dr.!


  4. Cindy

    So glad I now know about this. Proud to know and to have ‘served’ with you at C&L/PwC.

  5. Nice site and nice pictures do I get royalty for my boat being in there :-). Look forward your input and insight Bill

  6. Pate Mears


    Congratulations – I love your blog. So glad that you hired me at C&L and that we have stayed in touch. What a great friend and mentor you are! I think we need to live it up every day and have Marketing Alumni meetings ever so often. All the best,

    Pate Bevis Mears

  7. One of the best things in life is giving a person an opportunity and watching them excel, grow and make a difference. So, thank you!

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