The Word for this Administration: Islamisant

This article is an important read for all Americans. It puts straight some of the “psychobabble” being put forth by this Administration and it’s minions. Please take the time to read and consider what it has to say.


February 18, 2015
By Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison
The Pope has weighed in, forthrightly saying it was obvious the poor Copts were murdered because they follow Jesus. The prime minister of Canada — the stalwart Stephen Harper — did not hesitate to call a spade a spade. He said this:
“I am outraged and saddened by the beheadings of Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians in Libya by groups linked to ISIL. Coming soon after the savage burning of Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, the threat posed by ISIL could not be clearer.
This information comes to us even as this White House is meeting with Muslims who represent organizations previously identified as front groups or spinoffs of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood began in Egypt in 1928 under direction of community organizer Hassan al-Banna. The Muslim Brotherhood spans many Arab lands, including Egypt, Libya, Gaza, and Yemen. The Muslim Brotherhood emerged at the same time as the German Nazi party, but was not motivated by the same pagan ideology.
Nonetheless, the Muslim Brotherhood admired the Nazis’ ability to penetrate civil society in Germany and, of course, they loved the Nazis’ murderous anti-Semitism (Judenhass). German scholar Matthias Küntzel has written that the first person to envision burning towers collapsing in Manhattan was not Osama bin Laden, but Adolf Hitler. Hitler actually had plans for an attack by submarine-launched V-2s targeted at the city he regarded as a center of Jewish influence in the world.
This administration has gotten the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda wrong from start. They had to climb down from a lengthy explanation of the MB’s philosophy and actions by Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper in 201l in which the hapless official described the MB as “largely secular.” It is largely secular in the same sense that the Nazi Party and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union were largely secular. They penetrated all aspects of society, but were always motivated by a powerful and ruthless ideology.
The French have a word to describe those who are not actually Communists, but who affect a sympathy toward and an affinity for ideas and cultural symbols of Communist revolutionaries. We’ve all seen the college kids wearing Che Guevara tee shirts. There were thousands of these kids and some aged radicals, too, in the 2012 “Occupy Wall Street” movement.
Scholar Joseph Salemi explains the French adjective marxisant in this 2008 essay for the Penn Review. Fellow travelers is the clumsy English phrase, but marxisant (marks-zee-ZONT) describes the tendency, the attitude.
We see the point. Not actually Marxists, but certainly not hostile to Marxism. In the same vein, we now have a U.S. administration that can fairly be labeled Islamisant. (iss-LAM-iz-zont.) It is not Islamist, certainly, or even Islamic. But this administration goes out of its way to avoid linking anything in the world of terrorism to Islamists.
The president is usually quick to describe violent extremist attacks by “random folks.” We are surprised that he did not call the murder of the twenty-one Egyptian Copts “workplace violence.” After all, weren’t they kidnapped from their place of employment?
The Obama administration infamously called the murders at Fort Hood in 2009 workplace violence. They were carried out by a jihadist who for years had been spewing violent Islamist threats, and who had been protected by Pentagon bureaucrats who were more interested in a false notion of diversity than in security of our troops.
Islamisant is a fair characterization of President Obama’s attitude from Day One. He boasted to The New York Times in 2006 that he could still recite the Shahada — the Muslim call to prayer. He learned it as a boy in Indonesia. That call to prayer says:
“There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his Messenger.”

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