What Have We Learned

This is my first post in over a year. Frankly, I just got too fed up to continue. But in the wake of these last few months where the obliviousness of our President has been on display, It seemed like the time to speak out before history repeats itself again! This is the most dishonest President and Administration in American history. That is not hyperbole, it is documented fact. We are about to enter another war, take away more personal liberty and commit another generation to pay for it. So I ask this simple question: What have we learned?

It has now been over six years since America elected it’s “First Black President.” That distinction was in large part the driver of Barak Hussein Obama’s elevation to the most powerful position in the world. He entered the race with almost no credentials (accomplishments) to justify his candidacy other than — race. An orator without portfolio. In these last six plus years what have we learned? Is it true that a person can be President and Commander in Chief, with no management or military experience?  Or even experience in international relations? The answer is obviously YES! Obama proves it. The problem is, that, that is not a valid question. Should someone have that job without those credentials? What does the job require? With that change, the obvious answer is a resounding NO! There is no question that it is a big job. The key is that it requires monumental decisions that affect hundreds of millions of people and impact America and the world. It requires a person who can act on behalf of ALL Americans and free people around the world. Putting aside personal biases. It requires integrity, courage, honor, steadfastness, collegiality, leadership and humility. Most of those cri1teria don’t apply to our president. And because of that, we find that America has suffered over the last six years. However most importantly, it will now suffer for many more years beyond Barak Obama’s exit from the office. Our currency, military, business environment and personal lives have all been radically changed by Obama.

In the last six years America has changed more than I ever thought was possible. I might add NOT in a good way. We are weaker, poorer and less respected as a nation. Individually, we are more divided and factionalized than anytime since the civil war. We are more threatened here in the homeland and our people (not just our nation) have lost the since of moral rectitude that kept is in the position of leadership in the free world.

I believe that we are where we are, because Americans got lazy and forgot that, their role in the leadership of America always was and is the key to our sustainability as a Republic. We have been subjugated to a point that a majority of American’s  only care about what the government will give them. Free phones, EBT, housing, education, healthcare, It is as if the objective is for America to be the great plantation and the Federal Government is the slave master. To pave the way, our personal liberties have to be cast aside. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Unreasonable Search and Seizure, Freedom to Bare Arms, No taxation without Representation (do you think we are represented?) With every stroke of his pen, President Obama is choosing who wins and who looses. THAT was the mark of a Monarch — a KING! That is what our constitution was created to protect us from. and that is why Obama hates it so much.  

Here is what I learned

At the core of our problems lies the American people. They are accused of complacency and dereliction of duty! Of listening to a media network that has traded journalism for OPED. Throwing out biased tripe for human consumption. Of not understanding who their elected officials are and what they stand for. Of failing to ask WHY, and DOES IT MATTER!

And so we are where we are.



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One response to “What Have We Learned

  1. Keith Vierbicky

    I’m glad you’re back in the saddle. What you learned is correct, but as for too many Americans, I’m not sure learning is even applicable. It is more like yearning for their next check or electronic deposit. We are where we are, and it is what it is. Hopefully, this November there will be enough thinking voters to get some of the amateurish aristocrats out of the chicken coop. Too bad we will still have far too many bungling bureaucrats.

    Keep writing Leep Inkard! You are a watchman on the roof. The view from up there can be depressing too often, so don’t forget to look up frequently as you go through the day. Thank God He is who He is and that we are His.

    PS. Those two women in Oklahoma are another result of BO failing to act sooner and with extreme prejudice. Good thing there was a good guy with a gun on the job.

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