America Must see this!

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Justice Jeanine got it right. The shame of this President cannot be overstated. The disaster in Ben Ghazi was all about politics. It was actually three failures rolled into one!

1. First, by not wanting to admit a failure in Libya, they removed the Ben Ghazi Marine detachment and did not adequately defend the consulate BEFORE the attack. The British had already left, the Red Cross too. This was a “hot zone.” They ask for more security and were denied! The Americans in Ben Ghazi were left vulnerable.

2. Then a failure to support Americans, including an Ambassador, DURING the attack. This attack went on for seven hours – seven hours during the middle of a US working day. They knew what was unfolding – what was happening to Americans – and they had the capability to save these men. When seeking permission to engage – to go the consulate and save the Ambassador and the other Americans – the agents at the CIA safe-house (a mile away) were told to “stand down.” To follow orders would mean sitting by and watching these men die. I suppose the President – watching the attack via drone feed — figured that staying out was the safer decision with the election looming. I guess those four Americans were just collateral damage in his bid for re-election.

3. And finally, the failure to take responsibility for their actions – or rather inactions – AFTER the attack. They lied for weeks about it being caused by a video trailer. And don’t forget that they are still holding the creator of that video in jail – despite solid proof that he had nothing to do with the attack.

Obama is at best, an Amateur! I believe he is criminally negligent for the deaths of four Americans, including an American Ambassador. Hillary Clinton is no better. The leaders of this administration wanted to justify their actions in Libya and show it as a win – that Libya was normalizing as a country after Obama put billions of dollars into the war effort. Obama wanted to validate all his boasts (read: “lies”) about Al Qaida being “on its heels.” For fourteen days, both Obama and Hillary chose to lie about this “spontaneous demonstration” at the US Embassy in Libya being caused by a video trailer. We now know that they knew definitively within with in twelve hours that this was a terror attack. Yet, they didn’t authorize military or CIA action to rescue the Americans. Why? Because they worried about the political consequences if something went wrong. Well something did!

Few Americans have ever been in a position of true leadership. Where people live or die based on their decisions. Where you have to get it right. Barack Obama is negligent on matters of leadership. He has one competency – politics! Consider that he doesn’t even take his daily White House security briefings more than half of the time. He sends a surrogate. Someone he can blame if things go wrong.

Well, the blame belongs to Obama alone. This man is a disgrace to the office.

(watch the video – Jeanine states the case well!)



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