We have been warned!

A message for today, from 62 years ago! Check out the date on the news article attached below. Look at the message. Then think about the similarities to what we hear today and the implications for our future!

We hear a lot about the 1% versus the 99%. You won’t find that in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution mind you. There you will read about “Equal Opportunity,” “Equal Justice,” “Limited Government” and “Personal Liberty!” And, the right to keep one’s property.” There have almost always been people who seek to take from those who earn and give to those who want something for nothing. However, today it has reached a crisis proportion. I’m not talking about helping the needy. The American people have always helped the needy. The American people are the most generous in the world (that is not in dispute.) And, by any measure, (percent of gross, dollars given, consistency of giving,) those who have achieved personal success give more than those who chose not to take the risk to do so.

America is all about Equal Opportunity to achieve a level of success commensurate with the effort expended and risk assumed. It is true that some people are risk adverse. Afraid to put their future on the line. That is OK until they want to be given the rewards of those who took the gamble. Same for those who sacrificed family time, personal time and their homes and retirements for a chance to “make it” in America. These are the people we should be celebrating instead of vilifying! We should be saying “thank you” to the one percent. Why? Because the one percent give jobs, tax revenues, Social Security payments, Medicaid and Medicare and aid to all the people of America. They don’t need to live here. They could easily move their companies to other countries and in fact some have. We should have learned the lesson of the “Luxury Tax” given to us by Jimmy Carter. Simply, the tax cost jobs. It was ill-conceived and quickly repealed.

Today we see Occupy Wall Street (OWS) which the Obama Administration says is all about the American people. The American people should be offended! There have been rapes, murders, disease spread, computers stolen, public defecation, and at least 30 police wounded from knifings and thrown objects. Now consider that the left wants to call OWS the counter Tea Party. I totally agree. Let’s contrast and compare it. It would be very ugly and show OWS for what it is. Look at the signs: Marxist, SEIU, Communist of America, Iranian’s for OWS, Code Pink and all the usual radicals. If that is your crew, you are welcome to them. Just don’t call yourself an American!

This morning we heard that college students were polled and asked about the role of government. 10% said that government should be “limited.” Almost 80% said government should provide them free healthcare, free college tuition, a home or mortgage and a job! Stop and think about that. Think about the implications for our future and what run away tuition is actually buying in America. These college students knew little about the Constitution or of the Federalist Papers and the admonitions of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and others against big government, federal borrowing, a central bank (the Fed) or payments from the government to the populace. They were constitutionally illiterate! We are all to blame.

How stupid do you have to be to watch the Socialist System in Europe implode before your very eyes and want to mimic that menagerie here in America?




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4 responses to “We have been warned!

  1. What is the message from 62 years ago? I don’t see what you are referring to…

  2. The college student polling is appalling. It shows that college students today are either stupid or, well, stupid. The most obvious question – who pays? – makes the entire argument fall apart. Yet 80% don’t ask the question. Why? Is it because they don’t think to? Or because they don’t want to consider the answer? Our education system in America is effed up, man.

  3. The parchment article that is attached. I see it on both the link and on line. It is from The Daily News!

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