I Hope the American voting public is paying attention to what is happening in the protest venues of Occupy Wall Street (OWS.) Because, over the last two years, the Democrat party tried to demonize the Tea Party by calling them racist and terrorist! Nothing could have been further from the truth! The Tea Party is principled and constitutionally focused. They are about personal liberty and Justice (for everyone!) For smaller and a fiscally responsible government, (that we can afford!) The comparison to the OWS mob is both stark and compelling. The beauty of the contrast between these two movements, is that it actually does show the differences of the two political parties in America! The Right runs to embrace the Tea Party while OBAMA and the Left, race to embrace the Occupy movement.

Let’s Compare and Contract.  

1. Respect for the Law:

· The Tea Party respects all laws and ordinances. It takes out required permits for events. It functions as law-biding citizens.

· OWS is in frequent violent confrontation with police! They destroy private property and seek to create chaos.  They actively voice disrespect for the legal establishment. The contrast could not be more clear.

2. Their guiding principles:

· The Tea Party – The United States Constitution! Author: James Madison, (Founding Father!)

· OWS – Rules for Radicals! Author: Saul Lewinsky, (Radical Marxist)

3. The clarity of their message:

· The Tea Party message is clearly defined. It is Constitutionally consistent and focuses on personal liberty. It’s focus is on limited government and personal freedom. The members know it and understand why it’s important. They believe it and they live it!

· OWS has very ill-defined messaging that is driven by the organizers (unions.) It is anti-constitution, anti-business and anti-American! People are told what to say. They chant mantras, repeat slogans and basically are there because it is a “happening“. They are also anti-military. Have you noticed the similarities to the 60’s?

4. Who are they?

· The Tae Party, are responsible Americans. They are Taxpayers. Business Owners, Retirees and Students! People who believe in America, Patriots and Veterans. Charitable people who, who care about their fellow Americans. People who believe in American “exceptionalism.”

· OWS are largely paid activist, students, union organizers, government workers, i.e. people who derive their economic interest from the government and the taxpayers! Look at OWS and compare it to Greece, Muslim riots in France, etc. They destroy what they don’t own.

5. Who supports them?

· The Tea Party is supported by Taxpayers mostly. The people who create jobs. Those who helped build America! Veterans, who defended America! The differences in motivation is becoming clear. It comes down to worldview. You’re either a “collectivist” or an “individualist.”

· OWS is an enigma! It is comprised of both idealistic students and Muslim radicals (Iran supports them), The Socialist Party of America, The communist Party! It’s also unions like SEIU, the AFL/CIO and also the Marxist of America, HAMAS and other known terrorist groups just to name a few!

6. What do they want?

· The Tea Party wants a secure future! To protect American’s wealth from the world! To get the deficit under control. To reduce the size of Government and its spending! To reduce foreign aid, to secure our borders and to ensure fair elections. They want controlled emigration, respect for life and the individual opportunity to succeed! They also want America as it once was. Where truth still meant something! Where people had jobs, families and a future! They want one nation under G-D!

· OWS wants MORE! They want to bring down big businesses and institutions. They want jobs, but they hate the institutions that provide them! They want student loans, but hate the institutions that provide those also. They want redistribution of wealth! From those who earned it to those that did not. They want Europe! They want “idea” of Socialism and Communism. They want homes, cars and computers, iPHONES, and yes, they want to bring down the very institutions that provide them! they are nothing if not irrational.

What is the answer for America? What is the answer for each of us? We are at a “tipping point”! Our debt is out of control. Our President is incompetent. (Sorry, but he is!) Our Government is filled with people who are destroying our great nation in the name of politics!

Never before has the terms HOPE and CHANGE been more appropriate for America! We need to hope for a solution to our crisis and pray for a change in leadership! On second thought, just PRAY!



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