“Solyndra” Another Obama Failure!

As a follow up to my Post yesterday on Green Jobs, today we had an announcement of another MAJOR failure of the Obama Administrations GREEN INITIATIVE! This time the COST to American tax payers was $533 million! That’s right and now we learn that the Obama Administration fudged the rules and made special concessions for them to qualify for the loan! My old firm PricewaterhouseCoopers were the auditors and they issued WARNINGS of the companies poor financial condition BEFORE the Obama Administration made them the loan. There are videos all over the place of Obama saying that companies like Solyndra were “the future.” Solyndra is the third solar panel company to seek bankruptcy protection this month (last week Evergreen Solar failed.) Where is it located? CALIFORNIA! Schwarzenegger, Obama and Secretary of Energy Chu have all been there with cameras rolling. The truth is that Obama has NO IDEA what role the green industry will play in our future. Solyndra had a state of the art manufacturing facility with the most efficient technology. So, why did it fail? And, what role did President Bush have in its failure?


Every American should be mad as hell about this. This is exactly what is destroying our country and our future! 1,000 workers laid off and THE MONEY IS GONE! This President has had no accountability from ANYWHERE! It is time that that CHANGES! Accountability is change I can believe in. If you want AMERICA as we know it destroyed by incompetence and SOCIALIST ideology, then do nothing!

Obama is INCOMPETENT and ideologically wrong for America. With the WORLD in financial chaos, now is the time for America to regain its financial and industrial might. We can do it, but not with Obama blindly steering the ship! We need EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP to get this Ship of State afloat and JOBS back on the front burner. If you listen to his speech next week, ask yourself this question. Does Obama sound more like the 2008 DEMOCRAT candidate or a REPUBLICAN? It will be, like a Republican. Why? Because all his socialist solutions HAVE FAILED!



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